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    I don't send newsletters that often, so hate to sign up for a monthly plan. Anyone use anything they can just do a pay as you go type of thing? I was looking at sendinblue, which offers this. Just wondering if any of you have experience with this. I've tried Volusions, they are terrible, unless they have updated it somehow recently.

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    Robly is fairly cost effective considering the competition. I haven't personally tried any pay as you go though. Mailchimp has a free plan - not sure how large your list is though.

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    We use mailchimp. With the size of our list we spend $500+/mo. Cost varies bast on how many emails you want to send per month.

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    +1 for Mailchimp. Prices are reasonable. I am paying $70/month. I used another company once (can't remember who), but the options weren't as nice and it was difficult to set up. They have a free plan up to 2000 subscribers and up to 12000 emails a month.

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    Yes, it sucks but the reality is that for the $50 a month we spend, I can make thousands in profit on a single email. My main issue is just having enough time to send out the emails.

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