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    Mailchimp eCommerce Integration


    Is anyone using Mailchimp with ecommerce integration, so that you can see who made purchases; what products, etc and then use the Mailchimp automation for followup emails?

    It seems pretty cool, but I am not sure how to go about inserting the API to make the connection; or if I should pay for a 3rd party integration.

    Anyone doing anything like this? I use Mailchimp instead of V for all my newsletters and am thinking about switching to this for customized follow-up emails.


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    We use MailChimp and their ecommerce integration (what they call ecommerce 360). We use Vextras to connect Volusion to MailChimp. We use the $99 level of Vextras and it has been well worth it for us. It consistently updates MailChimp and we dont have mess around with spreadsheets or anything like that. With Vextras we can segment MailChimp by product, category, purchase value and several other factors.

    To keep MailChimp costs down, we have all the Volusion customers on one single list (if they are on multiple lists you pay more). Then, we segment this single list. With vextras the segments are update automatically as customers purchase.

    Plus, you can use vextras for Xero and other things. You can also use MailChimp/Mandrill for abandoned cart emails.

    Hope this helps.


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