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    CRM Questions

    How do you set up your CRM so you don't have it populated with copies of your order confirmation E-Mail?

    Or do you for the order confirmation, do what Amazon does and say this mail box is not monitored?

    Or use some type of rules?

    I have had customers who just reply to an order confirmation, do not change the subject line. And then they wonder why I missed their email.

    Thanks in advance!

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    We have two "departments" -orders and support and often people reply to their order notice with questions, etc since it is easier for them. We just handle them like normal tickets and haven't had the complaint of missed mail. Breaking it up into groups may be easier - or setup an autoresponder on your mail server for the orders account so they know it's not monitored.

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    Thanks Marc!

    So you automatically create a ticket with support, and then emails to orders you need to manually create the ticket.

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    We have both email accounts going into the CRM and creating tickets. This way there is tracking on who did what. We do not have customers tell us they missed an email because it was from the CRM though, which I think was the original fear that customers would just reply to orders@ and it would either go unanswered or your reply wouldn't get to them, correct?

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    My fear is:

    1. Cloggging up the system with order confirmations.
    2. Having the customer get a ticket has been opened, whenever an order is generated.

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    Ah I'm sorry I think I misunderstood, We don't open tickets for each and every order; we have the store setup to send email confirmations of each order from orders@. That is setup as a POP3 account as well for any responses to that email address, but every order confirmation isn't sent there.

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