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Thread: Does any anyone list /pindex.asp page any more ???

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    Does any anyone list /pindex.asp page any more ???

    Just found in Google webmaster tools google list the page: actually thought we had turned this page off long ago so I wonder now if any of you actually still list these category and product index page as: /pindex.asp

    From a customer point of view they are not that useful being there is no pictures so perhaps just time to let it go. And delete it in webmaster tools as a site link.

    Can I have some opinions on this, does anyone have good use from this page ???

    Thank you.


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    Hi Ken - good question, I recently came across several other volusion stores that list Category Index and Product Index. When we did our new template we did not include these links, but the pages are still active - what are other V stores doing and also does hiding or removing these links / pages affect google webmaster / search?

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    As I recall, I turned it off because it lists ALL products and categories, including those that are hidden (child products/test products/discontinued, etc) that I don't want customers to see.

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    We still have it turned on but I don't think many people use it or even know its there since its embedded in our footer.


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    Its in our footer too. It is a page with a lot of links of cause not sure if SEO wise it is a positive thing or not ???


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