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    Adwords and responsive design

    I was wondering if anyone has any success with advertising with Google Adwords and the use of responsive template/ design ???

    We have been testing on and off the advertising on mobile but just with the "standard Volusion mobil version" but had to cut it off. Can't get decent conversation rates with Adwords on mobile. Actually it is like throwing money out of the window. Where on PC it is a different story.

    Got the feeling people got too many thumbs on the mobile and simply just click on the first thing they see on their phone or am I all wrong ???

    Well now we will soon change over to a fully responsive template so perhaps time to reconsider Adwords mobile advertising. Any experience ???


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    I have pretty much completely eliminated all google adword advertising. I believe I have very good SEO and generic searches my site will usually come up on page 1 for most products. My top 2 competitors advertise so heavily, they almost always have the #1 & 2 spots with adwords- so it doesn't really help me anyway.
    My sales on mobile, and even more so on tablet, have been steadily increasing since I went to a responsive design- without any helping from adwords.

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    Adwords, unless you do it right, is very hard to be positive ROI on your first sale. The key is re-occcuring sales.

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    One thing I did a while back was to limit my adwords to just a few key products. It definitely increased my click-through rate, but I was never completely convinced that it increased sales. Certainly never enough to go WOW or be clearly certain it was worth the cost.

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