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Thread: Need Help With a Site Message for Closure Time

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    Need Help With a Site Message for Closure Time

    I'm going on vacation! I need to let customers know that our warehouse and office are closed and any orders placed will be shipped on Mon Aug 15. I would also like to offer a 10% off to help them continue through the ordering process.

    What exactly should be written and where? I'm thinking the shopping cart page so i can simply say "enter coupon code below" and perhaps reiterate it on the checkout page? We typically ship same day so this will be a big change for our customers and they need to see this message.

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    I always put a message on the home page when there will be a warehouse delay just so they are not surprised when they get to checkout. I usually use the left side promo area (under nav) also so that the message carries over to all pages of the site (for those who follow a link and don't enter on the home page).
    You do run the risk of them going somewhere else if they need it sooner, but you would probably lose more customers if you spring it on them at the last min when they go to check out, after they have done all the work to find and order what they were looking for.
    I wouldn't say that you are going on vacation that might scare people off thinking your working out of your house or such, I usually say something along the lines of were are conducting our yearly inventory and the warehouse will be unable to ship until .....

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    another thought, I'm not sure who you are using for CC processing, but double check how long they hold authorizations for. On our site the card does not get billed until we ship out the order, so if the authorization will expire before the items ship it can be a hassle

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    Thanks. I wouldn't say I'm going on vacation! I was thinking that if they got all the way through the shopping process then they would be less likely to leave immediately upon seeing the notification.

    On my site credit cards get billed immediately.

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    Back in the day when I took vacations... LOL... I put that message on the template (using Nav Menu Promotions, which I no longer have) where it would be seen on every page. I used something like this in a small box:
    OCT 1 - OCT 11
    All orders placed during this period will be shipped on or after
    TUESDAY, OCT 12.

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    I agree with Melanie, although our experience has been that the customer rarely sees or pays any notice of any vacation closures and still acts as if someone is manning the shop. I don't think you want to lose any orders so the best course of action, for us, has been to just deal with the backlog as best as possible upon our return, sending out notices apologizing for the delay.


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