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Thread: What are biggest E-Commerce Forums?

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    What are biggest E-Commerce Forums?

    Just curious, where do most ecommerce store owners congregate?

    My guess is in the forum for their shopping cart. But may be that's only the techies.

    Or would the right place be a small business type forum?

    Or may be there are some type of groups on facebook?

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    I checked out one of the links... it was broken and could not be found (web pro world forum).

    I did see this, however...lol...(italics are mine)...

    "...but the Bigcommerce forum is primarily for changing around settings in your Bigcommerce dashboard. The main reason we put this up here is because you should generally have access to a forum from the system you decide to sell through. In fact, if the company doesn’t have a forum we would typically recommend trying somewhere else to sell online."

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    Still don't know if I ever would have opened w/o the assist of the original V forum. l learned more there than any KB could hope to provide. What an unbelievable loss of a good resource...

    And may I add that it was private?

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    The EcommerceFuel forum is a good resource, although it is a pay-to-play forum and they restrict access and vet members.

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    I griped about the lack of a forum in my survey last week. This was the answer I got in response:

    We have indeed deprecated our Forum in favor of our new Uservoice page, where you are able to communicate your ideas to our Developers (or vote on some that have already been suggested)

    Um, I already have done. While I truly like the 'open' dialogue in the Uservoice page (and the fact that I received a response to my survey), it is merely a V feature request forum with limited votes. That's a far cry from actual issues and general questions we run into every single day... some which you would think that even Volusion would prefer private.


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    Quote Originally Posted by ritchey View Post
    My guess is in the forum for their shopping cart. But may be that's only the techies. Or would the right place be a small business type forum?
    I think small business is too abstract a concept for people to rally around and discuss; too broad for people to think "hey, that's me. I should post there." I find forums that are a little more specific - like those of an ecommerce provider, as you said.

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    Is it me and I can't find it, or is there no link anywhere to this User Voice page and you have to be told in by support or here in this forum and save it? That makes it very inclusive and supportive of users.

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    If there's one in the admin, I certainly haven't found it... no matter because I think I'm already up to 5 votes.


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    yeah, I was up to 5 votes also. but since I can't find it, I don't know if anyhting was implemented. Mostly I don't much care, because whatever was implemented likely won't help me.

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