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Thread: Custom PayPal intergration

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    That makes sense I suppose - I will have to do some testing to see how the process works then

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    Marc - can you remove the paypal button from my shopping cart page and add the option to the checkout page?

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    So I didn't have much time this week to work on this but I modified the script such that it will now show the shipping and sales tax if the customer has pre-selected the ship to info before coming to the checkout page. I also have a nice little note to the customer "We appreciate your business!"

    Still testing it to make sure there are no issues.


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    Hello Mark,

    People are running in circle now between the shoppingcart.asp page and the one-page-checkout.asp -getting a few complains from long time customers. All confused.

    As you are testing this new Paypal setup is there anyway we can move the Paypal option from the drop down menu in the one-page-checkout ???

    Thanks for checking.


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    I can pretty much do whatever. It can be a clickable image on the one-page-checkout if you like.

    And BTW you have old code in the drop down that no longer works. You need to remove or disable it.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ken View Post
    Hello Mark,

    People are running in circle now between the shoppingcart.asp page and the one-page-checkout.asp -getting a few complains from long time customers. All confused.

    As you are testing this new Paypal setup is there anyway we can move the Paypal option from the drop down menu in the one-page-checkout ???

    Thanks for checking.

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    Hi Mark,

    Thanks for the reply.

    Correct I got old code that don't work. But I forgot where it was entered ???

    As you are still testing what do you suggest ???

    Thanks for your always good support of this community.


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    Hi Marc,

    I managed to remove the old outdated code. Thanks for pointing it out.

    Would be happy to insert a new Paypal option in the drop down menu. Will you share it in this thread ???


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    So I managed to pretty much get the onepagecheckout to work with the incontext PayPal with some nice little mods but then I started thinking about all the issues with the current checkout and the way it all flows (like s h i t) and said is there a better way. Perhaps a way to to create an almost custom checkout experience. This immediately got me thinking of the current mobile checkout, you know the mobile one that is here...

    It is only available if you tun on mobile checkout in your admin. And yes you can turn it on without turning on the mobile desktop. You have to trick the admin interface to do it but it is possible.

    Now since the mobile checkout itself is pretty much locked down. You can inject javascript into the page from the custom fields but even then you are limited in what you can do with it.

    So I wanted to see if I could build a complete mobile checkout building on the current mobile checkout code but modifying it to my liking. So I grabbed the source code from the mobile page and created a new ASP page at and it work pretty much exactly as I want it to. It is completely responsive and I can pretty much do whatever I want since I have access to the source. So as long as I submit the data that Volusion expects it works great. I already place a test order and no issues. I can even completely custom design the confirmation page!!!

    Some of the things I have done is added in the company name to the billing/shipping forms. It is missing on the Volusion stock mobile. This took some doing!

    I changed the text logo to an image which makes it visually much better.
    And a few other cosmetic things.

    It works great for credit card users but in order for me to make this the main checkout that all customers use I just have to get the PayPal return URL's modified. That will be the most challenging task but if I can do that I am going to make this my main checkout for all users and see how it goes.

    This is all made possible by the API that they started on a little while back but now seems to be dead. They do not seem to be expanding on it but at least they didn't remove it.

    Those want to check it out and know "my" URL can check it out by adding something to the cart and then manually going to myurl/v/checkout.asp
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    So I now have the custom checkout working with PayPal, which was (borrowing from Trump) a "huge" undertaking. So after I clean it up a bit I may decide to launch it as the main checkout on "our" site. It just works so much better that the regular checkout and it does not use the in context PayPal popup checkout but the same PayPal checkout that we have been using for years now.
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    I am now completely live with the custom checkout using the mobile responsive checkout template.

    Some nice additions that I did are...

    1- Company logo in the header.
    2- Google autocomplete in the company and address fields which reduces the input fields that a customer has to enter. A huge help!
    3- Fully integrated with PayPal (and NO IN-CONTEXT) ( I will be working later on line items details showing up in summary)

    I like the mobile checkout because it is very lightweight per initial page load. Only about 700kb non cached whereas the regular checkout is 3 megs + non cached.

    Check it out and comment. Let me know if there are anything else you think I can add.

    PM me for the URL.

    I will be adding in the address2 field that Volusion removed from the mobile as I already did with the company input fields.
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    Marc - this is for website that are not responsive but are currently using mobile checkout?

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    No, anyone can use it. Like I said it's a responsive checkout built upon the Volusion mobile checkout which uses the new (well not that new) API.

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    Looks great, do you have any statistics on improved conversion rate from the desktop version to the new checkout?

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    It is way to early to tell sales wise as it has only been one day since going live but in that first day, sales total in $ has jumped 150% and total sales in orders has doubled. So take it for what its worth.
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