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Thread: Custom PayPal intergration

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    Custom PayPal intergration

    It appears that Volusion is using the NVP method to interface with PayPal so I wanted to see if I could make a custom script to simulate and/or replace Volusion script SetExpressCheckout.asp which is one of the calls that are made on the shopping cart page before the PayPal button is displayed. It is in the chain that essentially initializes the PayPal process and retrieves the PayPal token. This token is used throughout the PayPal payment process.

    Volusion sends pretty much the absolute minimum required info to PayPal to generate the token. Like just the total amount to be charged. So I wanted to see if first I could send my own request to PayPal with a custom script which I have done and next I will be looking to send additional info, like line items info as explained here...

    If all goes as planned it should allow me to include the line items to show to the customer in the summary and should also show them in the PayPal receipt. Have you ever looked at a PayPal receipt and said OK what did they order??? Then you had to find the order based on name or other criteria. Well now I hope to fix that.

    So, time permitting, I hope to work on this a little more and get it done unless I run into some technical road blocks.

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    So after a little effort I was able to show the line items in PayPal but there are some issues with it and I guess is the reason why Volusion doesn't include them. In order to do it that way they would have to also deal with discounts and coupons and deduct them from the total and do it by line items. So if you have a store wide discount you would have to divide it among all items that qualify for that discount. Not a simple task. If your store never has any discounts or coupons I guess it could be done.

    So the next thing I want to see if I can do is try and revert back to the previous PayPal payment flow. Should be able to force it. We shall see.

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    Marc, You know I adore you.

    When they have a solution that isn't working... shouldn't this be V's responsibility?!

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    The PayPal in context method is working correctly, sometimes a little slow but it does work. The issue is Volusion's checkout page and that really has nothing specifically to do with PayPal.

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    I'm confused why they opted for this method. Does it improve the customer checkout experience? You're still being sent to PayPal first, afaik.

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    "according to market research" it is suppose to be better.

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    not according to the internet-shopping-savvy customer I just spoke with about his "worst checkout experience ever"

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    Quote Originally Posted by MelanieF View Post
    not according to the internet-shopping-savvy customer I just spoke with about his "worst checkout experience ever"
    That is disheartening to hear. I do not use PayPal when shopping online, but I will say that I have encountered bad checkouts on big store websites.

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    I have been watching the feedback here as well as on on PayPal issues and have noticed a trend in people asking for the PayPal selection to be put on the /one-page-checkout.asp as an option in the drop down for payment method. So because of this interest I wanted to see if this was possible.

    I have successfully written the code to do it, and it is working but I want to do a little more testing (live) to be sure there aren't any issues before I can offer it to others.

    So basically, the PayPal option shows up in the Payment method drop down on the one page checkout page and once selected it immediately opens up the "In Context" PayPal payment window process just like when you click on the shopping cart page PayPal button. I can also disable the PayPal button on the Shopping cart page, if desired.

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    If anyone wishes to see it in action check out "my site" PM me if you don't know the URL.

    And BTW, I no longer have the PayPal button on the shopping cart, it's only an drop down option on the check out page.
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    Should edit out the text on there so nobody is confused (not that people read these days):

    Use the Paypal button below for Paypal Express Checkout.

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    Here's my concern with this method:

    PayPal uses the static number provided (paypalTotal) when submitting the cost. However, if a customer is on that page (one-page-checkout) and the shipping method changes (and hence the total cost for paypalTotal) - the number won't be updated.

    The customer comes back, but the payment has already been submitted (?) so any extra costs may not be accounted for.

    Is this an issue, or am I not understanding the flow-through for the payment process.

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    I had originally thought the same thing when I first looked into this but in actuality it doesn't matter.

    The way it works is that when the page loads it "grabs" the current order total and requests a token from PayPal. It really doesn't make a difference on which page it gets the order total. It is the token that is important. Remember on the shopping cart page it it grabs the same pre-tax and pre-shipping amount to PayPal for the token. So whether it does it on the shopping cart page or onepage as long as the token is used at checkout it is all the same.

    It is only when you submit the order at checkout with the PP token that all the individual amounts are sent to PayPal (subtotal,tax,shipping, etc.)

    So while it can look a little weird to customers that the initial subtotal is not the actual total, the end result when the order is submitted will reflect the true total with all fees.

    I have been getting PP orders without any issues tax and shipping included.
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    Yes, didn't see that until you mentioned it, fixed.

    Quote Originally Posted by demitrius View Post
    Should edit out the text on there so nobody is confused (not that people read these days):

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