Is anyone using Volusion's ROI Tracking?

I've been using it for a long time and while it is useful in a kinda-sorta kinda way (not all that accurate), I think it gives a good general idea.
Lately, it seems to be less and less useful. I suspect this is because more and more people are blocking tracking cookies.
I am wondering whether other folks still use this, or is it now a waste of time?

I have a lot of very old (like 5+years old!) links that still appear to be generating clicks. A few of these could be repeat customers who have saved an old link, but definitely not all of them. I can only imagine that some search engine has turned it up somewhere? Or else Volusion is randomly inserting these into my stats to make my ROI click stats look better? (These really old stats generate clicks but no sales).

Side note: one old link that I have is from my old website (different URL) that I have kept active where the store itself is closed, but the home page has this link to the "new" website. This link still generates a lot of orders, enough to more than pay for the monthly volusion fee for keeping the site. Most of these are from old repeat customers, but some are totally new.

All that said... is there some usefulness from all this data? What does it tell you when you have 166 clicks from a google feed that was discontinued over a year ago? Turn it back on? I have never found that google ad campaigns were worthwhile, other than that they continue to generate clicks for years.

thoughts anyone?