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    International Shipping

    The last week we have had a couple of customers from Canada complaining that they shouldn't be paying duties on shipping costs. On the customs declaration form, we only put the value of the products. On the invoice inside the total includes shipping which is a line item.

    Just wondering if anybody else has had this issue and what you do?

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    That is exactly how we do it. We put the total value of the products as the customs value. We put the invoice which includes the shipping charges in the clear customs shipping envelope.

    99% of the time we get no complaints but every so often I hear exactly what you got. I tell them custom fees are between you and your govt, we have no control over it. Contact your customs agency. End of conversation.

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    My always put less than the order value on the customs declaration form, so that if the customer does have to pay duties, they are less than the actual value. I put a packing slip in the package and send their invoice via email only.
    99% of the time no complaints. My shipping FAQ very clearly states that all import duties, fees, etc are the responsibility of the customer, etc.
    I've never had a customer actually complain that they should not be paying duties... only that the amount was so high... etc. I tell them they can refuse the package, but they do not get the shipping charges refunded, and get a refund only if I actually get the package back. Sometimes it takes a really long time.

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    Same here. Most Canadian customers are well aware of the duties, so I was a little irked when we received a complaint last year. Also, clearly outlined on our web site. Fortunately, we received the refused package back fairly quickly.

    Bottom line... we now send an email confirming duties are responsibility of recipient and offer the option to cancel order.

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    I added something on the shipping page about duties. As well as delays due to customs is not our fault.

    Sometimes you need to just make a deal. I had a super upset customer in the UK, never got the dress back, charge back situation, and just a nightmare. And person changed their credit card, and on and on. I should have just given her the dress at cost and gone on with life.

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    Virtually every customer knows ahead of time if their country charges a VAT or customs fee for imported items. We've had instances where they "thought" the shipping charges cover the VAT and we simply tell them no, it just covers the freight cost. We include the invoice with the customs form on the outside of the box inserted in the plastic sleeve. Plenty of people have asked us to lover the appraised value of the parcel but we no longer do that. I'm terribly sorry if your government makes money off of imported items. If you don't like it, ask your government to change its policies, not beat up on an international vendor just doing their job.


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