We are going to be launching a wholesale website later this year. We have the volusion cart setup and will be starting to fine tune the wholesale website so we can launch it later this year. Can anyone here shed some light on a few things?

We are going to essentially have quite a bit of duplicate content. IE: Most of the products will be available on both sites but will be available on the wholesale site for less for our wholesale customer base. We intend to only allow pricing to be seen be "Members" and to vet all people who have created dealer accounts. I think this should keep our discounted pricing from being seen by google and non members.

We are concerned about getting hit with any penalties from google for duplicate content on the same name servers. Will this be a concern? We will have two different domain names for sure, but obviously very similar descriptions and whatnot. Should we allow bots to crawl the site or limit what they can or can't crawl?

At this time we intend to hide member pricing but allow both sites to show the descriptions and products without logging in, but may change that view depending on how things could be penalized with SEO.

Any thoughts or advise on this? Thanks!