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    Reporting IP address

    Hi, I'm trying to figure out how I can generate a report based on where our coupons are being used from. I thought maybe if we could track the IP address from the customers that used a certain coupon, that this would help but I can't seem to figure out how to do it. I really want to avoid having to go through every coupon usage individually and would love to be able to just create a report. Any suggestions??

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    I'm not sure I follow the logic here - you are looking for the IP of the person placing an order using the specific coupon? Not sure what that data will do for you, since they could be doing the order from work, home, mobile, etc all with differing IP addresses, and some dynamic so a customer may have multiple IPs associated to them.

    I'd imagine there is a custom SQL report that could do this, but even if you just did the general coupon used report from this forum across a date range, then you could export that to excel along with the Orders table and select OrderID and customerIP fields, then use a vlookup in excel to map orders with coupons used and pull the IP address across (again I can't figure out the SQL for Volusion, hopefully someene else can provide a simpler report)

    Are you more interested in the marketing aspect of where they found the coupon code?

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