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Thread: Ordercup Issues - 11/26/2016

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    Ordercup Issues - 11/26/2016

    Is anyone else having ongoing problems with Ordercup? Right now we can't search packages. Consistently having to reload OC Direct. We are using Windows and Chrome.

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    Yes, I am having issues with Ordercup.
    After a couple of long discussions with Ed (a really nice OC support guy), it seems that the majority of the issues have to do with OC Direct, which is a separate product that they bought and are now having to support, as the code is less than stellar. They are working feverishly to provide patches and then permanent fixes, but no word yet.

    I am most disappointed with the loss of the scale integration. It worked so well for so long. Now it works for a bit, then errors out and quits and the only way to get it re-started is to reinstall OC Direct! I am also having problems with prolonged fetch times (intermittent), and with printing of customs forms for USPS Priority International (prints the wrong size).

    I am using Chrome and Firefox. Have all the same issues on both.

    I trust the OC folks- I know they work super hard, I love the product. I can only hope they get this fixed fast. This is the worst bunch of problems they have had since they started up. When you look at the big picture, OC still works well and, unlike V, they are not claiming it is "better than before". LOL

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    Sounds about what we are facing. We are finding that we need to relaunch OC Direct but don't have to reinstall. Sometimes we can go hours without a problem and then we will need to relaunch every fifth order or so.

    The guys at Ordercup are nice. I just wish these issues weren't happening around Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Fingers crossed it works well tomorrow...

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