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Thread: New Dashboard?

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    New Dashboard?

    Is there suddenly a new dashboard (or have I just not been paying attention)?

    And I notice that my currently displayed dashboard, which I thought WAS the new one, is not registering counts for Jan 1.

    And of course the "new" dashboard is completely stupid with useless items above the fold and you have to scroll to see what I consider relevant. And no way that I can see to rearrange anything.

    As usual, its all way too big, too much white space, and too much scrolling required.


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    oh never mind this post... if could delete it I would. There is no new dashboard. Its the old dashboard that is not updating.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MelanieF View Post
    And I notice that my currently displayed dashboard, which I thought WAS the new one, is not registering counts for Jan 1.
    It always takes Volusion a couple of days to fix their code on the daily sales at the beginning of the year. It's amazing that they still have this delay every single year. I may be remembering this incorrectly, but I think last year I called after a day or two and they had me restart my browser, clear the cache (they LOVE telling you to do this - it's the solution to everything, including world hunger), and log back in to the admin. After that, it fixed the scripting error.

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    Hah! My first year 2017 rant!

    <start rant>
    Yes, for sure this same issue last year. You are soooo right... it is amazing how many times they tell me to restart my browser. I would not mind doing it if they issued some sort of update and said... hey ya'll, we just did x/y/z and please clear your cache and restart your browser. But instead, you have to submit a ticket or call, wait for response, and then be told as if you are a baby and don't know any better, to clear your cache/restart your browser.... like it is your fault and not theirs.
    </end rant>

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    Bryan N. with Volusion responded:
    "Hi, Douglas. I apologize for the inconvenience but having no display of dashboard data yet for 2017 is an issue affecting many of our stores. Our database team is aware of the issue and is working to resolve this ASAP."
    I asked why this seems to happen every year.
    No response after 15 minutes, LOL.

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