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Thread: On-going Ordercup issues

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    On-going Ordercup issues

    Is anyone else having these problems with Ordercup?

    1) On Firefox I can log into the home screen. Then click the Orders tab, which paints fully, then immediately logs me off. This does not happen on Chrome.

    2) When printing USPS Priority/Express or DHL labels (i.e. labels that print to the laser printer), I get improperly formatted labels that are useless. No amount of fiddling with the printer makes this work. The work-around is to change my printer settings to print the label to a PDF, generate and print the label, then change the setting back for regular labels. Note: you cannot "reprint" a previously generated label of this type; though reprint of regular labels is fine.
    Ordercup says this is a known issues for MY particular basic HP printer and has offered to give me some credit towards a new printer.

    What is up with this? I am annoyed because it used to work great and it wasn't until they upgraded to this newest version of OC that this all broke. Makes me wonder if they have caught the Volusion "upgrade-it-and-break-it" virus.

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    I don't really care for the upgrade either as I'm not forced to use Chrome for my labels. I had the same issue with Firefox and they cannot fix it. Luckily I don't have printer issues but that sounds like a real headache!

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    I'm still using Ordercup in Firefox on a Mac without issues. I never installed Ordercup Direct and I do not have my scale hooked up into the system. Maybe that is the difference? I print from PDF and I am able to reprint labels.

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    I am sure it has to do with OC Direct and the scale interface. It used to work, and now it is broken

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    Its a problem with firefox and cookies. Delete all your cookies related to ordercup and it will work fine.

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