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    EU Data Protection Rules

    Anyone else following or wondering what Volusion is going to do as far as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), that the EU is pushing to start enforcment for 2018?

    Basically, collecting even an IP address about an EU based customer can classify as Identifiable Information, and if we don't follow their guidelines, fees can be up to 2 Million. I don't know about you, but I know we get traffic from the EU, even if we don't sell there...

    Just something else to add to the plate of never-ending eCommerce worry!

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    Privacy issues and email signups are a huge headache with differing standards world wide. What some entities is pushing, is if you have a website on the Internet, you need to abide by the law of every country around.

    An example of that was Austria requiring FB to take down a post world wide against a green minister. Or Google with Europe's Right to Be Forgotten. Or with the US requesting information from Microsoft that was stored in Ireland.

    Or where some countries are requiring that private information be stored in that country. Since they don't trust the privacy laws of other countries.

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