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    Interesting on Andy Siemer whom was the Director of IT at Volusion from his Linkedin.

    Director of Engineering
    Company Name Volusion
    Dates Employed Jan 2016 May 2017 Employment Duration 1 yr 5 mos
    Location Austin, Texas

    Non-technical: Started with 2 devs and 3 jr devs on a 15 year old stack (asp classic, old .net) and a traditional path to production (dev, qa, devops, release management, and IT) that deployed a fix every couple of weeks. Built the team up to 20 engineers and several architects while modernizing their CI/CD pipeline. Enabled the team to deploy multiple times daily. Drove a campaign of transparency with customers and internal teams. Implemented UserVoice to collect feedback from customers to influence the roadmap.

    Technical: Implemented to push updates to our customers. Automated release notes in our process. Introduced SDLC to a traditionally anti-process fire-fighting organization. Implemented strict scrum across several teams (then to kanban). Built and delivered an 8-week curriculum that taught C#/Javascript/node and moved the teams all the way through building a serverless commerce application in AWS. Took inventory of the many systems that the company is dependent on. Audited each system to identify where dev-norms were not in place: source control, automated build process, CI/CD, deployment ready, branching strategy, logging, monitoring, metrics, etc. Upgraded to latest .net frameworks and tools. Helped resolve many out of date systems that had dependencies on older versions of NServiceBus and RavenDB - upgraded them to latest .net/NSB/RavenDB. Drove the teams forward to address deficiencies uncovered during the systems audit. Stopped adding to monolithic ASP and .net systems. Started driving the teams to build new features behind an API in AWS using either serverless (lambda/node) or docker (w/node) to help us move away from a managed data center. All new UI's were built in React and wired back through the new API's. Led a team on the engineering side to work closely with our IT peers to define and implement a lift and shift strategy from our internal data centers to GCP.

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    Hum. Almost a year later and they still seem to be in firefighting mode. Anyone else getting really tired of the too frequent outages / interruptions?

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    I hear ya Marc, but I have nothing to compare it to. If someone told me BigCommerce or Shopify was 100% bulletproof without any down time or issues, then I would be very concerned. Also, for me, its a question of cost. I cannot afford to use a competing service that might charge several thousand dollars per month just so they can claim they have no issues.


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    LOL I have no idea what 90% of Andy Siemer's bio means. And I used to be a DBA (now retired 5+ years). Technology- you can't live with it, and you can't live without it.

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    I noticed that V now lists the new v2 plans on its site. Even with the new transaction fee, we would save several hundred $ each month in bandwidth fees if we switched to v2.

    Has anyone tried v2 yet? What features are missing or new? Is the interface similar or is this something totally new?

    I haven't seen any info yet about migrating from v1 but I see that if you use the v2 "Business" plan, you get free setup of up to 500 products, so I'm assuming that they would import the v1 store data if you switched from v1 to v2.

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