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Thread: "old" customers unable to check out?

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    "old" customers unable to check out?

    I know this is a bit vague on detail, but is anyone else experiencing anything similar?

    In the past 6-12 months, I have had a handful of customers who have not ordered in over a year, or even 2 years, who try to place new orders. They have issues during checkout and think it is their password. They go thru the process to reset the password, but still are unable to log in and, if they think they are logged in, unable to check out. I don't have specific details other than they seem to get caught in a loop.
    I did have one customer who was really good about clearing cache, rebooting, etc and still could not place an order- being stuck in a loop somewhere. (not a Paypal user).

    I know there are issues with checkout, but this seems somehow related to people with older customer ids?

    Thoughts anyone?

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    Hi Melanie,

    I get the same exact feedback from many customers. Some of them call or email me and are VERY frustrated. I am not sure if they are all older IDs in my store's case, or if some of them are more recent customers, but I've heard this complaint more than a few times.

    Have you had success in figuring out what causes this?

    I was thinking about disabling "anonymous checkout" as an option, as one time I found this was user error (the customer never created an account and checked out anonymously for their first order, and then tried to log in for their 2nd order).
    But I am afraid that disabling anonymous checkout might scare off some customers making their first purchase. Also, I know that some of the customers this happened to were registered previously.

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