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    gift certificates


    Does anyone have any ideas about a way to auto generate gift certificate codes (or perhaps discount codes), that can then be embedded into mail chimp or vextra automated emails?

    My idea is to send a first time customer a discount code, but have it be exclusive for the customer (but not necessarily linked to their customerID because if they use anonymous checkout that won't work) and not necessarily a code that anyone could use.

    Thanks for any ideas.


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    Upload say 200 via import in Volusion from a file (I have not checked out if this table is available). Then use this file for your email program.

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    Good idea!

    I checked, and You can to export/import for gift card/gift card details.

    I wonder if mail chimp has a way to enter a counter in their emails. I am pretty certain that Vextras does not. It would have to be some way to auto-generate a number that matches what is in V.

    Going back to the kitchen... I need more coffee for this one...

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