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Thread: "rel="nofollow" for category - is it possible ???

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    "rel="nofollow" for category - is it possible ???

    Does anyone know if it is possible "rel="nofollow" into some of the menu points the the home page ???

    Menu 1 is our main menu (obvious) and our second menu is secondary and more refer to the size of the items we sell. However I got a feeling that a few of these sub category in the 2nd menu may compete unintentionally with the categories in the main menu 1.
    To test this idea it could be nice to be able to insert a ""rel="nofollow" link into the menu but how to do this ???

    Now it would be possible to simply insert a "do not index" in the Robots.txt but I still liked to use these sub-category as bread crumbs throughout the site.

    You could say I just like to remove these links from the home pages as to send the message to Google that Menu 1 is the most important menu. Start here and do your work.

    Let me know if anyone has seen something like this or know how to use "nofollow" with menus ???



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    Hi Ken,

    I suspect you're using the built-in menu system in Volusion? The best way to control your internal link juice (which is what you're referring to) is to use a manual menu that you have complete control over. Then you can nofollow to your heart's content as well as other advantages (e.g. tracking menu clicks in GA).
    Erik Ellsworth
    Free SEO Analysis

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    Hi Erik,

    That was what we ended up doing setting up a manual menu. Now just have to wait and see if it works. Actually instead of listing all the categories as "no follow" from the get go. We have taken out just one as a test to see if it works or not.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Ken View Post
    Hi Erik,

    We have taken out just one as a test to see if it works or not.

    See if what works? I assume you are seeing the internal competition within Google Search Console? Removing it as internal link juice should help but if you really want to see if it works you should:

    1) Not just remove the menu link but delete it and forward (301 redirect) it to the one you want. This will consolidate any link juice from G and let them know which page you prefer. Simply removing it from the main menu will help but not enough.

    2) Recreate the page/category you deleted in Step 1. Doing this will reset it for Google and then you can fairly judge the value of menu and its removal.

    Using the above method will give you the strongest indication of what's going on internally and with your link juice.

    Hope this helps.
    Erik Ellsworth
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