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    Google Reviews Implementation

    Has anyone implemented this?

    The customer will receive an email asking for a review. Thoughts? I already sent emails with Volusion requesting a review of the product on my store front so I'm not sure I want to do this as well.

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    We have been using it from when it was Google Trusted Stores and it's been great!! The difference is these are 3rd party verified (unless your review platform is as well); the reviews left on your store by customers are not counted as 3rd party so they don't carry as much weight in search results or elsewhere on the web.. still useful though!

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    I'm more concerned about user experience than ranking. My product reviews are very important to my customers because I sell a unique product line.

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    I was using the old Google Trusted Stores, but that stopped working and I never moved over to the new format... w hich I think I have implemented, for Store Reviews, but no results yet.
    It looks like Volusion will automatically insert the appropriate code into the ROI script for orderfinished.asp.
    Can anyone confirm that this works?

    Now I see the product reviews are different from store reviews.
    Is anyone using using the Google Product Reviews feed? How do you get it into xml format for the upload?

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    Has anyone had any success with the Google Customer Reviews ???

    We were on the old Google Trusted Stores and it worked OK we got reviews. But after moving to Google Customer Reviews we don't get many reviews anymore -actually hardly any not enough to show it on the site.

    We have turned on the Volusion review system and get very fine reviews almost embarrassing as they are all so nice of cause we work hard for it but customers may think it look too nice. Anyway side point, just wanted to hear if any had success with the Google Customer Reviews when also using Volusion review ????

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    I have not been able to get Google reviews to work, though I admit I have not tried very hard.
    I use Volusion review system (via email sent out thru Vextras) and it works quit well for me.

    I use Vextras to send one email to customers who spent < $100 and another email to those who spent more than $100... and those folks will get a gift certificate as incentive to write the review.

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    We had ours setup before Volusion offered the simple checkbox setup, and even after migration it seems to be working fine.

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