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Thread: PayPal Express Not Working - "Please select a payment method" Error

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    PayPal Express Not Working - "Please select a payment method" Error

    Is anyone else having issues with PayPal from Volusion? Our order volume dropped like a rock the night before last. Someone finally emailed us this morning to say that the PayPal payment method on our store is not working. The user is brought to PayPal as expected when using the "Checkout with PayPal" button and PayPal shows as the payment method on the checkout page, but when the user clicks "Place Order" the user is given a "Please select a payment method." error. If the user clicks "Place Order" again, they get an error "Please fill in the field Payment Method."

    I tried re-entering our PayPal API credentials (even though they were identical) to no avail.

    Curious if anyone else is having this problem (or has had it recently and was able to resolve it). I am trying to contact Volusion but can't enter a ticket because of their lovely new help system that only supports some type of delayed IM chat - grrr.

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    Turns out it was a jQuery incompatibility issue - we are having 4-Tell recommendations rebuilt into our new responsive design and the script was calling an incompatible version of jQuery.

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