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Thread: Does anyone use Volusion credit card processing

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    Does anyone use Volusion credit card processing

    They're telling me 2.15% no other fees, no monthly fee, that's a little better than what I get with paypal. Just wondering if anyone uses it and do you have problems is it secure?

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    That's not the whole truth. I wrote an article about this years ago.

    Here are their terms:
    In rare cases, mostly debit cards where the authorization and settlement amount are the same and you settle within allowable time (maximum 72 hours for ecommerce), you'll qualify for that rate. You're going to pay surcharges on most stuff.

    I don't know the size of your business- if under $150k per year, it almost doesn't matter who you process with so go ahead. Pick any you're comfortable with that doesn't have early termination fees.
    If you're over $500k, it starts to make a difference. If near $1M, reach out to me, I can help.
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