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Thread: USPS settings change for First Class mail?

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    USPS settings change for First Class mail?

    Has anyone else noticed that USPS First Class Mail is no longer showing as an available option for shipping?

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    USPS changed its code without telling anyone.

    Here is the fix:

    go to Settings > Shipping > scroll down to the USPS First Class method and click on it > scroll down to Advanced Settings > in the Service Code field remove what is currently there and add this: First-Class Package Service - Retail<sup>™</sup>
    Save your changes when you are done.

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    fyi... Volusion gave me the answer after I submitted a pseudo-ticket. I asked them why they did not notify their customers... the answer... because USPS didn't notify them (V).

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    Apparently I'm late to the party on this one. I received the following from Volusion: Navigate to Settings > Shipping > Live Rates > Click on the first class option. Once there scroll to the bottom and replace the service code with this new code First-Class Package Service - Retail<sup>™</sup>

    Comment from Volusion: They do not inform us when they are making changes so we are very reactionary when it comes to fixing services provided by 3rd parties.
    Sean, it's bad business. From the forum, you clearly know about it and didn't communicate. Like I said, it's a simple thing to send out an email. I wish your culture would change. Communicate problems, don't bury them...

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