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Thread: CRM & email problems?

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    CRM & email problems?

    Has anyone noticed any issues with the CRM system and/or volusion's email client?

    As of around mid-December, my Contact Us page, which was set up to send directly to the CRM via my volusion email client, stopped working.

    When I got it working again, it now sends html garbage along with the contents of the Contact Us form, there by making it unreadable.

    Around 2014, I set up the CRM following instructions in a V-generated article that no longer exists (the link is buried somewhere in this forum!). It worked perfectly until recently.

    I have been round and round with V support for over a week and have been told various things, including- delete my old email address and use a new (different) one; don't use the Contact Us form; you customized the contact us form therefore we won't help you; etc.
    I've also been sent round and round with various people because they don't have a decent help ticket system and as soon as they go on break or leave for the day or get fired or quit or whatever, no one responds and I have to start a new Conversation which then confuses the hell out of everyone, myself included.
    <end of rant>

    I tried embedding a non-Volusion form (I love cognito forms), and that works fine, except that sending it through the email client still drops the formatting and includes all the html. I liked the CRM system when it worked, and I don't want to lose it, but I cannot find a way to make it work.

    Anyone have any thoughts on this?

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    I had problems with VSMTP not working correctly when sending mail "as" AOL, Yahoo, etc and I couldn't get them to address the issue so we gave up on using vSMTP. Honestly you likely just need to keep moving toward a 3rd party solution either just for the form or the entire CRM. We've been toying with the idea of moving our CRM off Volusion so that if/when we move it will be easier for us. The problem is that just about no one interfaces with Volusion so pulling customer data into the CRM system is really hard.

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    I am now avoiding the CRM system entirely. I use a cognito form (I love cognito!) to send to a gmail account. I also now have my V mail forwarded to the same email account.
    I just burns me that it worked satisfactorily for so long and now it doesn't and no one will tell me why.

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    Ever since the google migration the whole Volusion email system is screwed up

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