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Thread: Checkout Process - Same old problems or new ones?

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    Checkout Process - Same old problems or new ones?

    First let me say I admit I am not a fan of buying online via my phone. That said, I did that last night (Samsung Galaxy S8 Android), attempting to buy some coffee. The checkout process seemed familiar and I noted that this was a Volusion store. What happened during checkout was exactly what I see (thank you Marc, again, for your scripts!) happening with my own customers. And here, I felt I was doing everything correctly and STILL got error messages and had to repeat the checkout.
    I wish that I had the ability to know ahead of time this was going to happen and record the steps I took. But I entered all the info (credit card checkout), hit the Place Order button, and got the message saying that shipping was being recalculated and to check and submit again. This was really annoying as I KNOW I was VERY CAREFUL to verify I had all the fields filled out. Still, I went thru again, saw that the button for residential/commercial was no longer filled in and had to re-check that, and clicked again. For Submit #2, I am now told my cc was declined and I had to re-enter the 3-digit security code (which was showing **** and no way to verify, but again, I KNOW it was correctly entered the first time). So I entered the code again, clicked PLACE ORder time #3, and this time it all worked.
    I don't know what was wrong with what I did the first time thru, but I definitely found it highly annoying... <laugh> that as a Volusion store owner I get burned on another V store.

    I will add that thanks to Inspectlet (thank you, Erik, for that suggestion) and Marc's scripts, I have been able to make tweaks and significantly reduce the number of error messages the customer's see. Even so, I find that Shopify store checkouts (or maybe it is desktop clients do it better) are nearly flawless and I never have these sorts of problems.

    On another note: during this checkout process, I was told I could scan my credit card to capture the info. I'd never seen that before. I tried that out and it successfully filled in the cc# and expiration date. However, I still had to enter my name and the CVV code. I don't know if that is an android/Samsung feature or a newer Volusion feature. It was cool, but would be cooler still if it got my name, also.

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    There should be some sort of admin-based app that would enable the admin to place a fictitious order using multiple devices to see what a typical customer would see as they went through the checkout process. I've never placed an order by phone for anything largely because the screen size is too small for me. I only place orders via my PC and likewise would only do any edits to my web site via the PC. Call it old school, but I feel more comfortable doing it that way.

    Thanks Melanie for the walk-through and critique...


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    That's a great idea- having an admin app for testing the various devices. Maybe you have a new business in the making...


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