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Thread: What do you think is the most important change to e-commerce in 2018?

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    What do you think is the most important change to e-commerce in 2018?

    Right now I'm grappling with all of the changes eBay is instituting to be more like Amazon. Anyone else want to weigh in?


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    I have to agree that eBay is making things more difficult. They are stripping all external contact info, websites, etc. I get it, they want to create an eco-system.. but I think the most important thing in eCommerce is ease of use for the consumer. I feel like every time I turn around though, eBay has made another rule change, or is cracking down on existing ones that were rarely enforced.

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    The problem with ebay is that we are continually having to adjust our listings to conform with their new guidelines which takes us away from the selling aspect of the site and more towards being in compliance. Add on all of the intricacies of the other marketplaces and you start to wonder if its even worth maintaining a presence on them.


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    I find it to be not worth a presence. Too much work; too much complexity. Even Google adwords & now Google shopping feed are a lot of work. Better for me to work on my organic SEO.

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    The feeds are a PAIN! Esp on V since it doesn't cleanly export or work... and the eBay integration is never perfect with any platform, nor is the Amazon if you sell non-UPC products, like we do.. always something fun!

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    The feeds for all the app integrations seems to be getting more difficult and not less.
    I also have non-UPC products, an especial pain.
    Since 80% of my sales (in spite of using Adwords), are still Google organic or direct link, I am thinking it is best for me to work SEO. (Also, because I am a niche market, most of my customers know what they want and search specifically by product name).

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