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Thread: online chat gone?

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    online chat gone?

    What happened to the online chat? Did V do away with it, or is there something weird about my browser settings?
    When I click on Message Us, I get an email popup addressed to
    Is anyone else getting this?
    [edit] ok... so I tried this on Chrome and I see the chat. It is my Firefox settings for sure, but I cannot figure out what has changed. I am usually pretty savvy about privacy settings, etc, but can't figure this one out. Can anyone help?
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    I found the answer (after asking V and they didn't know).

    For Firefox:
    I had Tracking Protection = Always under the Privacy and Security section. Once I added my website as an exception, the popup started working again.
    There is a little shield icon on the left side of the URL bar. Clicking on that allows you to add the website as an exception.

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