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Thread: Next step in my career after managing a Volusion store

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    Next step in my career after managing a Volusion store

    I would like to give my self the title of on E-commerce manager.
    In last few years I specialized in running a E-commerce operations from:
    Marketplaces, website,PPC, adwords,webstie(Volusion) and managing photographers.
    I feel it's the next stage in my career is to polish my programming skills.
    The main programming language I know is VBA and some HTML and CSS.
    My boss wants to send me to a full stack programming course and there are two options.
    Both courses have HTML,CSS, and Java however the difference is that one specializes
    In #C the other PHP.
    All of my programming friends advise to #C.
    However as I want to stay in e-commerce world it seems to me that PHP is the king as
    WordPress, Magento and joomla are all in PHP,

    My programming friends tell me that PHP is the programming language of yesterday and moving forward the future belongs to #C.
    as fellow e-commerce managers I would like to get your five cents what path you recommend I take?

    Thank you in advance for your advice.

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    Do both?

    I agree, in theory, that C# is more the future but I don't think PHP is going away any time soon. There is far too much PHP out there.
    What do you have the most immediate need for? Do that first and then follow up with the other.

    my 2 cents

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    What about my assumption that for E-commerce PHP is the right language
    Do you agree with this?

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    Sorry, I do not have an answer for that. As you said, it seems the language goes with the platform rather than the platform goes with the language.

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    PHP is a good start. You could also learn some frontend stuff like JavaScript - Vue, Angular, Node, etc. Get you started working on mobile apps. APIs and the like.

    Check out Codeschool. Good luck. I've been working on Magento (1.x) since moving from Volusion and it's been quite the workout.

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    Why do you advise PHP over C# for E-commerce?


    Thank you for your input.
    Why do you advise PHP over C# for E-commerce?

    I am also going to learn.
    JavaScript - Vue, Angular, Node,

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    I think there are some PHP libraries getting up there in popularity. Stuff like Laravel. I've never used these but I do see them being thrown around a lot. Working with Magento, PHP is a must have. You might find yourself working on an M1 or M2 storefront one day.

    Another thing you could learn is Version Control (ie. Github) very important tool and skill to have, especially working in a team environment.

    I'm no expert, but definitely check out some learning sites like Codeschool to see what's out there. There's new libraries and tools being released and used every day it seems like.

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