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Thread: Which Third Party Software Company Has Driven You Mad?

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    Which Third Party Software Company Has Driven You Mad?

    A couple of years ago, we explored the possibility of using a third party aggregator for overseas shipping. I don't recall the name. So we spoke with someone just to get a feel for their services and cost and told them we would think about it. We then must have received at lease a dozen follow-up calls asking if we decided to use their service. I kept telling them, as politely as possible, that we were going to continue to use the USPS even though they had their fair share of issues.

    So, my question is, without naming any names, have any of you experienced much the same issue where a company, other than Volusion, kept pestering you to use their services?


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    Actually, I have the opposite problem - I'd like service from my plastics supplier, Chinese suppliers, box supplier and lord knows the supplier that we purchase enclosures from. Heck, I'd be happy if they WOULD call me.

    I use 3cx for a phone system, so if they keep calling, I ban their phone number and/or caller ID name.

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