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Thread: Proposed Intenet Sales Tax

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    Each state has their own rules on sales tax, with probably different thresholds.

    I just had a talk with Volusion, and started an email "conversation" with them on the issue, since they don't do tickets anymore.

    Questions I have:

    1. Is Volusion going to have their own solution as part of their package? If you are in the US, you need to collect sales tax in all 50 states (depending on thresholds, which will vary by state).

    2. What packages work with Volusion.

    3. What are the costs for these packages?

    4. How soon does this need to be implemented?

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    Some answers:

    Basically South Dakota is the only state right now, but even that will take a few weeks to set up.

    And I am sure other states will follow. So it's not immediate.

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    Yeah, its going to take awhile before Congress will re-open and address it, then hand it off to the 50 states. Probably looking at implementation in mid 2019. I'm sure the states want to collect revenue as quickly as possible so they won't let this sit on the back burner. Plus, all 50 states have to be ready to go at the same time, so some srt of deadline will need to be imposed on the states to have them get set up and pass along the information to their vendor community.


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    With SD being "active" - how are they going to enforce? Until more states adopt, I feel like it's the normal stuff with our gov't and taxes, honor system unless caught. Is anyone here shipping to SD and meeting the requirements to pay tax so far?

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    That's why I think a blanket sales tax figure, say 4% for all jurisdictions, would be best for everyone concerned. Its a simple figure, low enough that it might dissuade customers from shopping elsewhere given shipping costs and fair enough for everyone concerned.


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