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Thread: Is It My Site.. Or My Customers?

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    Is It My Site.. Or My Customers?

    So I find myself asking several times a day, is it my site or is it my customer when we get the phone calls with "checkout issues". I am trying to understand if there is truly a major website problem (which I know checkout on V isn't the smoothest experience always), or if my customers are just not as savvy with online shopping. Does anyone else ask themselves this question, and if so, what results have you found? Are there major roadblocks in your checkout process, or does the customer just not understand and give up?

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    ROFLMAO... I ask myself this question at least once a week!!!

    I think the answer is somewhere in the middle. V checkout is pretty awful; most but not all customers can stumble through it and manage to place an order. The biggest sticking point I see on the customer side is with those whose sessions have expired and/or have multiple windows open on my site and/or don't understand their security levels and/or have cache/cookie issues.
    To confuse things, then you have times when V is having a glitch and that mixes with all of the above, and I get a bunch of calls/emails and much higher abandoned cart rate.

    To give V a little credit, and knock on wood, I have not had a major issue in a while. I hope I didn't just invite one!

    Long story short... you can count on some of it being wonky V checkout, some of it being wonky customers and the rest of it being Tuesday night and partly cloudy.

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    I agree, its somewhere in the middle. I cannot tell you how many people still have issues navigating even the simplest of web sites, much less understanding the different forms of payment available to them. One gentleman from Canada called me last week asking about an order he placed and why it hadn't shipped. For starters, it clearly said the item was a pre-order and not yet available. Then he blamed us for charging him, when he paid by PayPal using a credit card. He claimed that our web site says we don't charge the customer until the item is ready for shipment which is correct and then we tried to explain to him that he chose PayPal as his means of payment, not a true credit card.

    I throw up my hands when I have these types of encounters, which seem to occur daily. People that have no idea what they are doing then blame the vendor as if we had a hand in his not reading the listing fully or recognizing the difference between PayPal, debit and credit cards. Sometime I feel as if we need to host seminars on how to read and/or pay for an item instead of trying to be a merchant.


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    I recommend using something like Inspectlet to watch your shoppers. You can tie it to their order and really see if there are issues. I've used it on many client sites and it provides valuable information. Worth the short term investment.
    Erik Ellsworth
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    Inspectlet is amazing!
    I used it for about a month and it helped me immensely to clean up some stuff. I totally recommend giving it a try.

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    I agree with Erik. Watching our customer on page behaviour was one of the best things we've done. We're using HotJar for this.

    5/10/2018 will be our 1st Anniversary leaving Volusion for Shopify Plus. We are SOOOOO happy. Haven't looked back at all. We were on Volusion from 2005 to 2017. The list of reasons to switch is pretty much endless. No more checkout errors, etc. Business is growing, not as fast as we'd hoped yet, but now we're able to focus on marketing and the stuff we want. The Shopify APP is also super super amazing. You can watch live visitor behavior including what's happening in cart and checkout.

    Forgive me for plugging Shopify here. I'm just so happy we made the change. I'm still in debt for making the switch, but it was the best thing we could have done to escape Volusion.


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    What were the costs for making the change?
    >I'm still in debt for making the switch

    My guess on costs is web design, data transfer using a third party, and training / testing/troubleshooting time. Possibly some SEO costs due to URL changes.

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