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Thread: Heads up, NEW Fraud trick I think I uncovered.

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    Heads up, NEW Fraud trick I think I uncovered.

    Looks like the scammers may have been able to spoof the card avs responses.

    I'm fighting some charge backs right now over orders that were shipped to the matching billing address of the order. The three I'm fitting were all placed within a few days of each other and similar products are well.
    I've caught a few more as well.

    Speaking with my processor is getting me nowhere. They are playing the can't understand/ that can't happen game. So it leads me to believe the AVS system has been breached somehow.

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    Who is your processor?

    Maybe I am naive, but when I get a chargeback, and the billing/shipping address is ok, and the credit card charge was accepted, I tell the credit card company that YOU allowed the payment thru to the card (and authorize.net authorized it, which means all the AVS matched), and so the credit card company is responsible for the chargeback and not me.

    In nearly all cases, that works and I eventually get the money back. Of course, they always take it away to start and I always have to fight for it.

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    Problems will be increasing for merchants without valid authorization, including more chargebacks.
    Example: The authorization was for $100, but you only partially shipped, so you charged $70. You're required to reverse the $30 remaining auth, but your payment gateway doesn't do that. You can lose chargeback for invalid auth.

    How to spot if you have a problem? Look on your merchant statement. If on pass through interchange, you'll see Visa EIRF or STD/standard, or MasterCard Data Rate I, Commercial I. If bundled price plan, look for 'non-qualified'.

    Justin, if you meet all the criteria, you'll win. 3-D Secure would prevent issuer from being able to charge you back for friendly fraud. Push Volusion to update their payment gateway integrations.
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