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    I know this may sound silly - but we process a lot of orders daily, and have multiple people printing, batching, etc. We are trying out Authorize at Sale, Capture at Shipping as the method of reducing address issues and declined cards. Previously we just did Authorize and Capture at Shipping. This introduces a new problem though where orders are now coming in as Processing and locked. What does everyone else do in this case? Our staff knows to look for New and unlocked. The printed Y/N is useless because it could be PDF printed, printed and not actually make it to the printer, etc and there is no real way to tell that it made it to the warehouse.

    Looking for suggestions.


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    I have always done authorize at sale, capture at shipping.
    I manually capture the orders when I print them. Since I am a 2-person shop, and the 2 of us do all tasks (ok, I do more ... it is not usually a problem unless I forget to do the capture step.
    Now that I think about it, the cc are not automatically captured at shipping. hmmm... are they supposed to be?!! Because I know every once in a while some orders slip thru without being captured. I manually log into periodically to check for missed captures.

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    We have also always done authorize at sale / capture at shipping. We have a fairly small operation - 4 people processing orders. We manage by batch. When someone creates a batch, they are responsible for that batch (printing, pulling, boxing, shipping). We manually capture each payment once the order is being shipped and we know the address is good - which is sadly not the case way more often than one would expect - and then print the label, paste in the tracking info and complete the order.

    There have only been a couple of times over several years that we missed a capture, but because it has happened I do a quick search on the site about once a week to make sure nothing slipped through (advanced filters -> order status shipped and payment amount <> payment received).

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    There is a report you can run to see which transactions have not captured / paid. It's under orders.

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    Dare I ask how long this has been in place and I have not seen it...
    On Admin > Process Orders > (Filter Dropdown > Uncaptured Payments
    Unfortunately, the list includes a few orders where the payment was "Voided", but the package shipped. But for me, those are a couple years old and I just ignore them and look for recent dates.

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