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    I think it also depends upon the market sector you are in. For us, Volusion is still head-and-shoulders above much of our competition, many of who still have not migrated over to a responsive template. For $20,000, Melanie is right V could probably build you a custom-designed store for far less. If you double your business in 2019, that means you are now forking over $40K to Shopify. Granted, you are doing more in revenue, but I don't see a need to have their hands in your pocket every time you make a sale. A flate monthly fee should be good enough for them, but that's my opinion.


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    I finally talked to someone with Shopify Plus. They don't show the pricing on their site so I called in. I found out that it costs $2000 per month, which sounds pretty expensive since it doesn't really look like much more than the regular shopify accounts. But the upside is that the transaction fees are only .15%. I run 2 stores and they said I can run both stores on the same account, so $1000 per store. Transaction fee of .15 is way better than .5, but it's still a fee that would come out to around $6000 per year I think.

    Main reasons I'm switching, and a few of these are possible with Volusion, but it just seems so much simpler on Shopify's platform:
    1. I can easily run multiple stores on 1 inventory database that's connected to each store. (my biggest reason for moving)
    2. Multiple options for Customer Referral and Rewards programs (Smile.io). Are any of you Volusion guys using any programs like that? Or using MyRewards? MyRewards seems so basic and the Volusion Referral program is a pain.
    3. Using Google Page Speed Insights I notice that the average Shopify store is loading quicker than Volusion. (Although LightHouse Developer Tools is showing Volusion better at many of their metrics)
    4. I'm just really worried about the future of Volusion, and Shopify seems like they're in a really good spot.

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    Still seems steep price wise to me. My guess is that if V continues to lose customers, eventually someone will come along and buy them out, then use them as an introductory means of launching an e-commerce store. We use MyRewards and it works fine for us although our needs sound more basic and straightforward than yours. We have just one store but multiple marketplace sites. Thus far, maintaining inventory isn't all that complicated for us, although we've had to increase our inventory to accommodate more selling venues. Right now, I'm okay with V but recognize others have more pressing needs and different areas that need to be addressed. I also don't relish any database migration and the potential headaches it might bring.


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    Although Volusion has its faults and seems to be lagging behind other platforms with regard to new development, I don't think it is going under any time soon.
    My store is quite small and Volusion meets most of my needs and wants. Are there pains? Yes! Headaches? Yes! But - at least for me - the tradeoff is not worth the migration cost and hassle; learning a new platform; trading off pluses and minuses.
    I recall someone a while ago saying that BigCommerce was excellent for running multiple stores.

    Volusion cannot even manage to synch inventory with the built-in selling on Amazon (which I tried and quit less than a week later and it took another 2 weeks to clean up the mess!); so I doubt that synching across multiple stores will be coming any time soon.

    Good luck!

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    Thanks. Yeah, if you're fine with the way your store is running now there's no real reason to leave Volusion. I don't see anything happening that would cause Volusion to go downhill. I just don't see anything going uphill either, and I need to start trying some new marketing and sales tactics. This is the first year in 10 years that we aren't on pace to beat the previous year. I guess I'm just looking to shake things up a bit. I'm hoping to have the transition to Shopify Plus finished and rolling before Halloween so I'll try to keep you guys updated on any issues, good or bad.

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    Has anyone tried Volusion V2? I was checking their pricing a few months back and even though it has a transaction fee, I would still save several hundred per month in bandwidth fee. I'm assuming it is a whole new admin experience (so the people I have processing orders would need to re-learn everything). Are the features about the same or is it lacking since it is still pretty new?

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    V has been silent about V 2, which was supposed to be rolled out earlier this year. In fact, I haven't seen any video Q&As from them in quite some time, so you can draw your own conclusion. I would have thought that the time to roll it out would have been in the spring or summer, so merchants have a chance to look at it before contemplating a switch. If its still in the works, they need to go prime time soon, otherwise merchants will be reluctant to make any changes ahead of the holiday season. Just my opinion...


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    If you go to the Volusion site and look at the Themes and Features, it looks like the content they are showing is V2. Look at the Theme demos; the URL naming is not the same as V1 and there are some features of the checkout process that V1 users don't have. In the Features area, it looks like some of the images are showing some screen shots of the V2 admin interface.

    There was also an email a few months back about Mailchimp integrations and when I checked into it and saw some of the features they mentioned did not show up in my admin dashboard, I contacted V. They told me those features were only available in V2.

    So, yup, Volusion is being surprisingly silent about V2. But I think it is already available. My thinking is that they are not telling V1 users about it yet because they don't have a migration tool set up at this time for moving from V1 to V2. Though, on the Pricing page, it says if you are signing up for a Business level plan ($135), it includes free migration of up to 500 products from your previous cart. I wonder if that counts for moving from V1 to V2...

    I guess I'll have to sign up for the trial demo to play around with the new version...
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    Yes, V is surprisingly silent. There were a ton of problems when it was first released. In past years, a big new version included free migration for all existing stores. I think they are now trying to keep 2 separate versions going.
    I didn't like V2 when I first looked at it. Perhaps it is time for another look.

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    Keep in mind that the 0.5% transaction fee on Shopify only applies if you use a third party payment gateway.

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    Hey guys, just wanted to give a little update. I finally got both of my sites completely migrated over to Shopify Plus. The tech side of the move was a bit of a nightmare but I'm really happy with Shopify Plus so far. Things seem way more smooth on our admin side and for the customers on the site.

    There are a few minor things in Shopify that I'm noticing now that Volusion did better. Just little things, like Shopify isn't capable (without a paid app or some good coders) to put automatic discounts on items, and a few other little things like that. I can't think of the other ones while I'm sitting here typing this. The backend admin area is so much easier for my staff to navigate, but the down side to that is Volusion had more capabilities in the admin.

    We do about 100 orders a day on average, and with volusion we were getting about 1 or 2 phone calls a day with shopping cart errors. We haven't had one since we made the move, and our customer service girls are loving the new shopify system. I am paying for quite a bit of apps now though, but they're all worth it in my opinion.

    Funny thing about the move, the day I was in the middle of the migration I got an email from Volusion saying they were dropping the .5% transaction fee on V2. At first I didn't realize it was a mass email, I thought I was singled out because they saw I was migrating to Shopify, but just good timing I guess.

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    Yes, it was the same for us moving to Magento. There are some things Volusion had baked in that work really well versus Magento, but with Magento you have the option of doing it yourself, or finding an extension to perform a similar function.

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    Thanks for the info, fraby and demitrius. I appreciate your insights/comments on your migrations.

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    I'm loving Shopify. If you switch to shopify you will end up spending more on it than you think though. There's not much built into the basic functionality so you need to pay for apps for almost everything. I just realized that customers can't use multiple discounts on the same order without an app that's $100/month. So, I mean, I'm much happier with shopify, there's no doubt about that, but the costs are a lot higher.
    I would not hesitate to make a switch away from Volusion as soon as possible, but really do your research on where to go. I don't know much about Magento so I can't really advise moving there. You may want to ask Demitrius about it. But I can give some shopify advice if you plan on moving that way.

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