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    Volusion to Shopify Migration...

    Hey guys, I know these forums don't look as active as they used to, but I wanted to post this here anyways in case a few of you are still checking in. After 10 years with Volusion I'm finally going to make the move to Shopify. I've been thinking about it for a few years now and I finally decided to pull the trigger on this. I have 2 Volusion stores that I need to migrate to Shopify. Do any of you have any experience or suggestions on how to get started with this?

    I think I'm going to use the Migration to Shopify App by Cart2Cart to pull my data over, but I've read some scary reviews about that software. So... just looking for any advice or tips. Thanks!

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    Just curious what made you pick Shopify? We are also planning to migrate but I cant decide between BigCommerce and Shopify. Both have positives and negatives. For our migration, we are going to use a firm that has helped us in the past. I dont want to mess up migration since a lot of our traffic is organic. Thanks.


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    $299 + .05%, no thanks, don't need someone with hands in my cash register. Got enough people already in there.

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    Personally, I think its always a good idea to compare V to other platforms, particularly given their lack of progress to date and routine drop off in performance. We keep thinking about a change but always wonder what the pitfalls are on the other side of the fence, despite all of the glowing reviews. For 2019, we're looking to become more of an omni channel retailer with satellite stores on the major marketplace sites (eBay, Amazon, Walmart, Jet, etc.) while hopefully keeping everything under one roof. V's solution is rudimentary at best and the other options are rather costly. Plus, we may have a unique opportunity in 2019, which precludes any possible change in platform at this time. So, I'll revisit this scenario in early 2019 after we see if V performed well through the holidays and other mitigating factors come to the fore that necessitates a move.


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    I decided to go with Shopify for a few reasons. I've been running a small store on Shopify for a few years and I like that they keep updating and adding new features. I really like a few apps, there's one that creates a way better version of the MyRewards program.
    I have multiple Volusion stores that sell the exact same products, so it's a big pain trying to externally convert my Inventory into one Excel spreadsheet. I've had multiple conversations with Volusion for 10 years about getting a way to sync inventories from multiple stores and their response is just always "That's a great idea, maybe we'll add that someday", or "find a programmer to automate that process for you". Shopify has a simple app that does this and can be setup in about 5 minutes.

    Volusion was great when I started with them 10 years ago, but they've fallen so far behind in my eyes. Shopify does have the .5% transaction fee which really sucks, but I'm also paying about $800 a month right now in Bandwidth fees from Volusion.

    Shopify has so many new Apps that are easy to use and great additions, where as with Volusion you have to hard code most of that stuff in. I haven't really looked much into BigCommerce itself, I've just been reading up and researching from external sources on shopping cart softwares.

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    I've been talking to a company I found online that looks like they've done quite a few migrations. Charging about $5,000 per store for me. Kind of pricey but probably worth it as long as it goes smooth. I've got 90,000 orders and 40,000 customers that need to be transferred over. I also need to keep all their information (customer ID, orders,...), SEO redirects, and basic template layout.

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    Hello Fraby,
    What kinds of new features has Shopify rolled out that V doesn't have? Also, have you run into any down time issues which has prevented you from either making maintenance updates or kept customers away from your site for long periods of time?


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    There hasn't been any downtime that I've noticed in the last year on Shopify, but Volusion has been pretty good about that this year too.

    I guess it's not really the features of Shopify as much as it is the apps: https://apps.shopify.com
    It would be nice if some of those were in the core functionality, but they're real easy to just download and add to your store.

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    The only real downside I'm seeing from this move is that .5% transaction fee on every order. I'm trying to look at that as the fee everyone on Shopify pays to keep the new features and apps up to date with online retail.

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    Yeah, that transaction fee was an immediate turn off for me too when we looked at the platform earlier this year. If the features are overwhelmingly positive as compared with V, then we would contemplate a switch but making a switch just for the sake of jumping ship doesn't make sense for us.


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    Yeah, I wouldn't recommend making the switch until you see a few real clear reasons why you should switch. I've been looking into it for a few years and the time just feels right for me. I just feel like the future is a lot brighter for Shopify than Volusion. I stayed around when I heard Volusion 2 was coming out with the hopes that it was going to be a completely new redesign of the software.

    I've just been seeing my competitors keep upgrading the functionality and marketing features on their sites and I've been kinda stuck waiting for Volusion to catch up.

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    I've also looked at Shopify and felt that there was not enough "good" stuff to justify the migration. As you said, there are pros and cons with both. Not enough for me to jump ship. I also looked at 3dCart and liked that a lot as well. I am not a big fan of the "app" way of doing things. Also, I don't remember off-hand what it was, but there was a big hole in Shopify for something I use a lot. No Purchase orders? Something to do with inventory management.

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    I also looked into 3D cart about 3 or 4 years ago and tried a demo account. It seemed pretty comparable to Volusion at the time and so I didn't really put much time into it. And at that time I didn't even really consider Shopify as a real option. Just over the last 2 years I've seen how far Shopify has come and how Volusion hasn't. I really haven't spent much time with BigCommerce either, so I can't really speak about that company. I'm just kinda looking more towards the future. Volusion is pretty much the same as it was 10 years ago and it doesn't seem likely to improve anytime soon. I was real hopeful about that V2, but that excitement fizzled about 2 minutes into researching the new V2. Shopify just seems better for us because we have a few unique things that we need that are possible with Shopify. I'm sure I'll smack myself in the face if as soon as I migrate Volusion announces big new changes... but I find that unlikely.

    It's just this damn 0.5% transaction fee with Shopify that's giving me any kind of second thoughts now. We did about 4 million in sales last year, which comes out to $20,000... I could buy a lot of new toys with that kind of money

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    Have you considered taking that "fee money" and investing in a more customized volusion store? Would that work for you?

    You seem hesitant enough about the transaction fee that it might be worth looking into BigCommerce or another platform before making the jump.

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    Yeah, maybe I'll spend a little more time looking into BigCommerce. But in my opinion, the future of Volusion is not looking good, and I want to find the platform that is geared for the long-haul.

    I was also just looking at the Volusion website to see what they're showing to new customers and I noticed that new Volusion customers are also being charged that .5% transaction fee now.

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