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    Maybe you are doing it wrong with contacting Volusion. After calling yesterday and being told billing were gone I called them this morning as I wanted to add another store. After waiting on hold for 29 minutes 55 seconds they put me through to billing whom confirmed I would be paying more. Also they were not able to confirm the pricing sales gave me the day before would NOT be available for a second store. They also suggested that I should wait for my letter that would come through on Monday coming advising the V2 pricing - yes you heard it before me and there is still more volusion customers to be advised. The voucher for the cheaper second store expires tomorrow. I am glad they have improved the customer experience.
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    LOL! Tech Den, I have no idea what you are talking about. I DO know that, like Marc, my prices are doubling and my value is not changing at all.
    As for any "vouchers" expiring, I was told that my price change was automatic and I didn't need to do anything (except suck it up).

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    We still don't have concrete answers about what our new prices will be. In the mean time, when logged into the admin I'm getting the "YOUR SSL IS EXPIRED!" warning at the bottom again.. even though it is not expired, and we don't use Volusion for their SSL... just crazy. 4 more days.

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    Well they put me in a plan that has a free SSL and I just bought mine for this year, contacted support who says they don't know what they're going to do about that yet? Probably should have thought about it.
    At first I thought this new plan wasn't all that bad for me, I have a very small store under 10 products, so they put me in the $29 a month plan, but $50K a yr? and they are taking away reviews.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MelanieF View Post
    I DO know that, like Marc, my prices are doubling and my value is not changing at all.
    You guys are scaring the hell out of me. I have been regretting not dumping Volusion years ago, but I thought this change might be good for us and reduce the stupid high bandwidth charges we've been paying for years. Sounds like it will get worse if anything. I have been trying to get ahold of Volusion all day with no success. I've emailed billing and started a chat. 4 hours later . . . NOTHING!

    Those of you whose costs have doubled (Marc and Melanie), do you mind being more specific about what you were paying and what you will be paying. If you're not comfortable doing that here, I understand. I just haven't heard a thing from Volusion and am very very worried right now.

    Mike R

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    I talked to my rep and was told nothing is set in stone yet and they are still working on things, so I have no idea what we are going to pay..

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    I can only shake my head. So typical of Volusion to implement something and then fix it as you go...

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    They offered me a deal I can live with, so all I can say is, ask you may receive

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    Just saw the email. I am not happy. We are looking at a 121% increase. Kind of ridiculous.

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    I closed my Dev site and will be moving main site soon. I am done with them, they are done in my opinion. This just shows they are on there last leg.

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    OMG... I have to tell my client they will be getting a 49% increase. And after a very lengthy back and forth, apparently I was the one who was confused about the process...

    Volusion: "Ok, I think there is a little bit of confusion about the process. Typically, you are placed within a plan based off of various qualifiers such as GMV, number of products, features being used, etc..." bla bla bla

    As though they think I didn't actually read the fancy (albeit unhelpful) list of plan features. I reply...

    Me: "I think there is a bit of confusion about how a business works. I can't just depend on my ecommerce platform to put me in a plan and tell me how much I'm going to spend every month. That would not be good business." bla bla bla... explains basic business concepts.

    They are right about one thing... I am definitely confused. Confused about how they can continue to make such stupid moves. This is my last Volusion customer. My V count soon to be 0.

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    Well, we finally pushed the button and we are off Volusion. *Does happy dance*. I still don't know what my price increase was going to be, but we couldn't do it any longer.

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    Congrats, Marc! I hope you hang around here for at least a little while

    How was the transition? Where did you go? I think you mentioned it but I don't recall.

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    He went to Miva which is where I am going as well.

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