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    We have been off Volusion for the past year on Magento, and I feel we are much better for it in the end.

    I hope Miva works out for you moving to it.

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    I selected the Premium Limited plan. Basically the same plan I was on with the bandwidth limits. Went from $135 to $202 per month. Not happy but better than the $299 per month plan they were going to auto switch me to. They did offer to give me the Business unlimited plan for a $249 because we are a "good" customer. Since we don't come close to hitting the limits it wasn't worth it. Probably end up closing the Volusion cart and direct everything to our 3dcart store.

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    What is going on with reviews?

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    Ritchey... what do you mean?

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    Automatically bumped me from $79 to $299, crazy! I'm still fighting to get it changed back and refund.

    I have 20 years experience in ecommerce as a sales rep, developer, shop owner, and payment gateway / merchant account provider. Magento (most flexible) and 3dcart are my two top recommendations. Before you change, find out which payment gateways will help manage authorization compliance and stored card rules- It's not automatic with ANY payment gateway.
    Simple check up if your payment gateway is a problem now:
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    Finally saw my new pricing with V... let's just say I'm not sure how this "For Life" price structure is going to work.. you lock in for life, which means if everyone takes the cheapest plan and their business continues to grow it will once again cause V to run out of resources and deliver poor service. I'm exporting all my data one last time and then it's lights out. Haven't missed it once in the past 3 months though! BTW- this forum seem quite dead..

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    My pricing went from around $200 per month to $1360 per month.

    We are looking at the options to move but wondering if anyone has had luck negotiating new pricing?

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    Once again... it is a trade-off in V headaches vs learning some new platform and the headaches that come with that. They all have headaches... just a matter of changing them around.

    My costs went up significantly also.

    And yes, this forum seems quite dead.

    I still get errors on page loads now too, and sent them to Erik months ago.

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    Forum is totally dead. I'm still here...

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    If you get this crazy pricing, call up and ask for discounted pricing. I received pricing 60% off the "new" price with a 1 to 2 year agreement. If you are pondering a move, this gives you some breathing room.

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    We signed up a few years ago with a 2-year agreement that brought down our monthly costs and does not add in any bandwidth charges. I recommend each of you do the same thing if you plan on staying with V for the long haul.


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    I came to this forum and all I hear is crickets chirping. This saddens and angers me because it tells me that I was a fool to stay with Volusion. All of you left because you knew that Volusion was a terrible company. I hung on, hoping that someone solid like Big Commerce or 3D Cart would buy them out and turn the company around. No luck, and I paid for it. Today we were notified that because of a pop in business we got during the COVID quarantine that Volusion is going to jack up our rates by 600%. Yes, 600%. All because of a couple of really good months. Business has already dropped back down very close to where we had been, so this was a very temporary thing. But Volusion only sees $$$$. Every single partner we have in business is doing everything they can to help small business during this trying time; Volusion just wants to continue with their Master of Moneygrab policies. For 15 years it was bandwidth fees. Now this is their new tactic. It's just disgusting and very insensitive.

    We are leaving and going to Big Commerce. Oh that I had done this the 2000 times before when I considered it. Anyway, does anyone here know a good company who can get us moved ASAP? I have found several options, but I just don't know who to trust. If anyone sees this (???) and has had good experience moving from Volusion to Big Commerce, please let me know.

    All the best,

    Mike R

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    I am still on Volusion, was all set to go to Miva but because of some issues unrelated to Miva I am still here. Miva is actually really great but there is quite a learning curve.

    And yes our cost doubled with Volusion but with Miva it would have more more than tripled.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Marc_NY View Post
    I am still on Volusion, was all set to go to Miva but because of some issues unrelated to Miva I am still here. Miva is actually really great but there is quite a learning curve.
    Don't know if you got the memo, but BIG V just filed the BIG B . . .

    That's "B" as in Chapter 11 "BANKRUPTCY"

    What that means is that no one new will sign up for Volusion and anyone left will leave. Their days are numbered.

    I'm counting the days until we are on BC and free of the V nightmare we've been trapped in for so many years. This was inevitable. No company can function that poorly and survive.

    Mike R

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    I'm still here as well. We just completed a home page facelift which I'm happy with and decided to hold off on migrating over to Shopify. From what I understand, they are now the 800-pound gorilla in the room as far as e-commerce goes. Moving to BigCommmerce or Magento or any other site seems risky at best, as Shopify continues to gain traction in the e-commerce space.

    I tried the Shopify sandbox for a day or two. While it was easy to use and intuitive, I thought it lacked some features which I don't recall at present. Before I make a move, I'm going to wait and see if a company such as Shopify purchases V then automatically upgrades the V stores to the Shopify solution. Otherwise, I'll ride it out til the end of this year and make the move myself, with the help of Q-Etail. They said they could handle the migration to Shopify without any hitches so I'm not worried. What I am worried about is getting a notice from V saying you have 30-days to move off the V platform before the lights get turned out. That would be a scary proposition.

    Anyway, I'm not surprised V filed. They haven't rolled out any new features in years and have likely lost a great many clients to competing platforms. I wonder if anyone else from the old crew is still left on V.


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