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Thread: Edit the checkout page on our Volusion store

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    Edit the checkout page on our Volusion store


    We are working to edit the checkout page on our Volusion store and add symbols of confidence for our customers.

    We are using the brilliant theme on V1.

    Attached is a mockup how we would like the check out to work.
    Our programmer cannot find how to edit the checkout page and these symbols.

    Any advice would be welcome.

    shop with con.jpg

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    Where is the attachment?

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    If you look at our original post you will see the attachment.
    The attachment name is shop with con.jpg

    Thank you for your help

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    No, there is a link but no attachment. I do not believe the attachments are working on the forums as I cannot attach anything either and get it to show. I would suggest linking to it from an external source.
    Last edited by Marc_NY; 10-18-2018 at 03:17 AM.

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    It seems you are right it seems that attachments do not work.
    You can download the screenshot of our sketch at the following link:

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    you may find them under Marketing -> Nav Menu Promotions ??

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    I would say use one of the articles on the page like article 115 to insert the HTML you want.

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    Thank you

    MelanieF & Marc_NY.

    What I don't understand is how does the Menu Promotions have to do with checkout process?
    Regarding article 115 if insert the code there should It appear on the right side of the check out information?

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    Thank you
    I just tried to play around with article number 115 it seems that it only has to do with the bottom of the page not the right.
    Any other ideas?

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    You really will not have enough horizontal width to show all that exactly where you want it in the image you link to. I think your best bet is to show it under your cart summary directly under the place order button. To do that you are going to need to use scripting to display it.

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    Actually I think there is room for the shop with confidence box.
    If you look at the image at the following link you will see that there is room.

    I still do not understand how I add information to the right of the checkout process.
    Can you please advise?

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    Yes, at full desktop width maybe, but once the screen dimensions get smaller then what are you going to do? In any case the only way to do this in Volusion would be via javascript since you are limited on where and what you can place via the backend.

    Seriously, Volusion is a ridiculously dead platform. Time to get out if you want any kind of say as to your content and its placement without hacking the page.

    For instance in Miva it is a simple matter of adding the HTML to the checkout page. No fuss.

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    We took into account that we will not have room for the shop was confident symbols in the mobile version of the site.
    At the following link you can find our mobile checkout mockup.

    What I don't understand from your post is how to edit the right side and what do you mean by JavaScript.

    Thank you for your help and have a nice day.

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    Hi swimmer11,

    If you have to ask about JavaScript then you will want to do one of 2 things... 1) give up right away trying to change anything and focus on other stuff or 2) hire MarcNY to customize your site (he is totally brilliant, but that doesn't mean he is willing).

    I guess there is a 3rd option... as Marc suggested... switch to another platform.

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    LOL +1 for the above. If Marc_NY can't do it, then new platform. Or new platform anyway.

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