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Thread: Interested in Better Reviews - Alternative to Yotpo?

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    Interested in Better Reviews - Alternative to Yotpo?

    Yotpo looks great but their cheapest service is $700/ month. I'm interested in adding images to user reviews as well as Q&A. Does anyone know of a decent alternative that is less expensive?

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    What is your goal? Just send out an email with photos of the products to review? Have you checked out

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    Thanks for your response. No. I want customers to be able to upload photos with their reviews. I also want control over which reviews are posted. Iím also interested in allowing customers to ask questions on product pages and for me to answer. Yotpo does all of this but so much more that I donít really need.

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    I think I'm going to go with Shopper Approved. Spent a good deal of my day doing research today and had a demo from them. I'm impressed all around.

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    Please let us know how you like it... and what is your cost?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MelanieF View Post
    Please let us know how you like it... and what is your cost?
    Working on fixing my template before I install it. It may b a couple of weeks. $2500/year.

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    Does anyone know of a method to allow customers to post a question on the product page and then have that moderated answer list for future customers? It seems like it should be a simple thing to do.

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    They could post a question in the reviews. I check all new reviews daily. It is a manual process, but it works.

    You could always cut/paste the question & answer to a specific section on your product page. Other than doing this manually, I don't know of a way.

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