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Thread: Would you be upset if you couldn't use Volusion survey?

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    Would you be upset if you couldn't use Volusion survey?

    We had a survey popup on our admin that asked this question:

    Would you be disappointed if you couldn't use Volusion survey?

    Answers were only for a range of responses like very disappointed somewhat disappointed and so on.

    This was such an odd question that it made me nervous. Has anyone else had the same survey on their admin? Do you think something is going on? Is there a Volusion sale pending?

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    I saw the same question and thought it equally odd. My gut is telling me is that V is looking for a potential new home and no longer feels it an compete with some of the other web hosting solutions out there.

    I also never liked the fact -- and this applies to all web-hosting solutions -- that they tout how much business there web sites have transacted over the years. This basically tells me that they know how much volume each of us does. Now in the real world, in a brick-and-mortar environment, would the tenant be obliged to open his books and tell the landlord haow much business he does? I don't think so. Its one thing to say you have 30,000 or 40,000 merchants using your wares. Quite another to say our merchants have done $3 billion in sales and are looking to do more based upon the results we see.


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    I had that survey pop up the other day and also thought that was very strange - what the heck kind of question is that??? I have invested thousands of dollars in custom templates/development, SEO, etc. for my Volusion store in the past 8 years - I would be livid if "I couldn't use Volusion" all of a sudden. Like I don't have enough stress running a business ... now I have to worry that they are going to close up shop and take me down with them

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    Scary question for me as well...

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    I doubt they would just "shut down" and turn out the lights. They still have a monthly revenue stream coming in that another company would find valuable, at a price of course. Its difficult to determine how many merchants are still signed up, which also kind of bothers me. They know how much revenue each of us brings in yet we have no idea how solvent they are or how many merchants are still signed up. At least with a strip mall, you can see how many vacant store fronts there are, where they are located and the general impact reduced foot traffic would have on your business. Here its guesswork.

    If they did end up selling out to some other entity, I would imagine that any further development and refinement would immediately stop and that customer support would be cut to a bare bone set up. For instance, when was the last time you received an update from V showing what features were being worked on?


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    Take a look at this:



    For for specifically hosted:


    There appear to be about 33,282 websites live on Volusion, also referenced here: https://www.volusion.com/v1/company . Now that may be a mix of V1/V2.

    Let's say they make $200 per site, that is $6.6MM per month, 79.8MM per year. Not bad revenue. Volusion has about 250 employees or about 319k per employee, not bad but not great.

    This is interesting:


    Recent Mass Lay-off - Beware
    "Not a company to be invested in because at the end of the day, they won’t invest in you. This mass lay-off was the first of many to come."

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    Troubling, but frankly this doesn't come as a surprise. For now, their platform works for us. Should things change, including a potential takeover, then I will have to reevaluate. I don't want to have to learn a brand new system or worry if my SEO results will tank should I make a change. If I'm forced to change then that's a different story altogether.


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