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    UPS EFulfillment

    So, for those of you who are rapidly expanding your reach by selling on various marketplace sites besides your web site, you may want to check out a new service by UPS called UPS eFulfillment:

    We don't use UPS any more due to their higher cost particularly for internatiional shipments but I'm sure some of you do. Supposedly it integrates with Volusion as well as several other high profile web hosting solutions. Personally, I'm not keen on having my inventory located off-site but for some of you this might work. I haven't looked into the cost, but its aimed at small to mid-sized companies that ship at least 4.5 cartons per day. I'm sure most of you meet that criteria so it may be worth checking out.


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    thanks for the info, Marc!

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    I wondered how long it would take for UPS to move into 3PL. I thought they would instead purchase out a company or two to jump right to the start. This clearly makes sense for them - a new form of revenue and they can take 50% of the process out by not having to do a pickup from a company. This also puts them on footing with amazon FBA type things.

    The problem - it's still UPS and they suck at details and 3PL's are nothing but details. Plus, UPS sucks at managing and using the massive amount of data they already have. Plus they are dinosaurs when it comes to responding to change.

    You go UPS! Maybe you can take on the one thing that could kill off a lot of your business - Amazon.


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