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Thread: Secure checkout by Volusion logo appearing on checkout screen

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    Secure checkout by Volusion logo appearing on checkout screen

    Does anyone know if this is intended or changed recently ?
    If you do the one page checkout this logo has started to appear since today.
    Anyone else noticed this.

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    I remember seeing the image in the past. Are you sure?

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    This has been on our cart since we upgraded to V11

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    I hope this helps anyone who has the same issue. This was not there yesterday as we have been rigorously testing and making changes to our site. I am happy that they responded that it was recently added and it was not my cool foggy glasses that deceiving me.

    Thank you for contacting Volusion Support tonight!!! I apologize for the extra SSL seal that has appeared recently. Luckily though I do have a bit of code that would allow you to remove that button from your Check Out Page. Below I have provided that code and the Article that you should place the code in. Please add that code and see if everything looks better. If you need assistance with anything else please don't hesitate to let us know, we are here to help 24-7-365.

    ==>This is the Article that you would want to add the code too...

    ==>This would be the JavaScript that you would add to that Article...
    $(document).ready(function() {
    $("#divbtnSubmitOrder img#secure_volusion_checkout").remove("#divbtnSubm itOrder img#secure_volusion_checkout");

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    I don't know that page / image exactly, but you could probably rewrite that as this instead...


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