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Thread: A/B split test our home page?

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    I just saw this and figured it was worth adding to the thread:


    In essence it's a method of triggering a different bit of jQuery for each variation rather than redirecting to a separate page, so if you can script it you can test it.

    If I'm reading it right it would let us do sitewide tests, I'll have a play with it and see what can be done.

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    Just set up an experiment for a client using the method above, it works really well and was much easier to set up than I expected.
    We're testing whether or not to have a massive pop up on the homepage.

    With the old Website Optimiser you had to define a goal url, with this method you can still do that, but you can also use it to test the impact of changes on metrics like time on site, pages per visit, or in the case of the homepage pop up, we're testing the effect on bounce rate.

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    I know this is old, but I having been thinking of radically changing one Product Category and most of it's Subcategories. Looking at both of the tools (VWO and Optimizely) I am not sure if that would be possible for not. It is going to affect so many pages that I am not sure if either would do it or not and if so, would I be able to set it up myself? (Without signing up at least)

    Based on my GA this category should be doing better than it does but I don't know if it is set up in the best way possible. I would need to change the main category page and eight subcategories with all their products. After reading so much about not changing without testing I feel like to need to test it against my present settings. I have also had some comments about not being sure where to find some items and that is also a reason I want to test a new organization.

    I do not however want to make it worse! Are there other AB testing tools too to look at now?
    The Gentle Bath & Company

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    In Visual Website Optimizer you can set up tests, so they affect multiple pages through a wild card, since category pages have a certain structure. www.yoururl.com/*_s* to run a test that impacts all your category pages for example.

    For testing a new category structure, there is no great way to do it unfortunately. You can set up a dummy htlm page that has your new structure in it, and replace a section on a category page with it. This way you can compare how the old version did compared to the new one in an A/B Test.

    The trick is you have to define what is success.

    A key is have a great hypothesis, before you start testing.

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    I was thinking I could make a new hidden category and subcategory pages and then then having the same products in both just arranged under different subcategories. I was wondering if I could direct half of my traffic to the hidden page and half to the live page? Or do you have to set up the test page on the A/B testing site?
    The Gentle Bath & Company

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    Yes, you can also do it this way.

    In VWO, on the landing page, you set up an A/B Test with version A no change, and version B linking to the hidden sub-categories.

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    Thanks ritchey, I will have to work on setting up my page and sign up for a trial to run an A/B test!
    The Gentle Bath & Company

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