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In the days before Google ruled the world, the typical law office found clients the old-fashioned way: through personal recommendations and an exceptional reputation. As a professional, “hanging a shingle” was considered adequate advertising for any attorney worth his or her license.

Unfortunately, traditional word-of-mouth advertising just doesn’t get the job done anymore, and winning cases is no longer a guarantee of success. If clients aren’t knocking down your door like they used to, an effective SEO campaign might be just the answer you’ve been looking for!

Why Should a Law Firm Invest in SEO?

Without SEO, your law office might as well not exist in the eyes of many computer-savvy individuals. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, brings your website, and you, right to the top of Google, and other popular search engines like Bing and Yahoo, when a potential client uses a specific keyword to search for legal help. In today’s world, very few people will consider doing business with anyone they can’t easily find on the Internet.

How Can a Law Firm Benefit from SEO?

As you know, legal problems are extremely personal, and the inexperienced can feel very nervous when choosing legal representation if they feel their very lives or financial livelihood are at stake. An effective SEO campaign can help your potential clients develop a comfort level before they even walk through your doors. In fact, a great campaign can engage your prospect and convert them into a client before they even speak to you. With the help of an expert in legal SEO, you can more effectively build your brand, maximize your exposure and expand your client base. Best of all, once you’re established as the foremost expert in your specialty area, you have the option of increasing your rates and reducing your caseload.

How is Law Firm SEO, or Legal SEO, Different?

When compared to most other types of businesses, a law office faces a different set of challenges. A legal SEO expert understands the issues involved in the legal profession and how to capitalize on the strengths of SEO to accomplish your goals without compromising your professional reputation. Here are two ways that legal SEO can help your firm:

  • Protect Your Legal and Ethical Boundaries – Traditional marketing techniques often push legal and ethical boundaries to attract customers. Although this might be acceptable for a retail establishment, most lawyers would never want to endanger their reputation by using unscrupulous tactics to attract clients. Legal SEO experts understand this conflict and never violate your duty to conduct yourself in an ethical manner and live up to the highest standard of the law.
  • Word-of-Mouth Advertising that You Control – Legal SEO allows you to create a new kind of word-of-mouth advertising that you, or your SEO firm, can control including your website, customer testimonials, your success stories and your published material. An expert in legal SEO knows how to create an effective online presence for your law office including SEO techniques, social networking, web localization and online reputation management.

In today’s world, almost all lawyers look alike to the general public. With an effective SEO campaign designed especially for your office, your prospects will perceive your services as their best hope to protect their personal liberty and financial assets.

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