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An effective SEO strategy ensures your business is easily found online, instead of getting lost in the myriad of other business trying to stand out.

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Convergent7 offers a complete solution for a successful online presence. From SEO and web development to branding and strategic marketing plans, our proven strategies and solutions offer real results. If you need more leads, more site visitors, more customers and more sales, we can create and deliver a custom marketing strategy just for you.

SEO Optimization

Improve organic traffic, drive leads and improve your position in search engine results

A well-optimized website is the foundation for SEO success. The content on your website, and the HTML behind your pages are critical pieces of competing for top rankings. When done correctly, it makes your website search engine friendly, with content and tools that accelerate your business goals.

Our SEO specialists can help you ensure your website is search-engine-friendly and ready to convert.

We provide the following services:

  • Keyword Analysis
  • Traffic and Ranking Analysis
  • Competitor Research
  • Internal Site Optimization
  • Image and Video Optimization
  • PPC Campaign Optimization
  • Social Media Optimization
  • Directory and Link Building
  • Content Management Systems
  • Copywriting and Blogging

Your website needs a proper technical foundation, and our team will ensure you have it.

  • Quick page load times
  • No technical errors
  • Proper settings
  • Search engines focused on the right pages of your website

Internal Optimization: What Is It?

If keyword analysis is the blueprint of search engine optimization, then internal optimization is the next phase of your success…it’s the foundation of SEO.

Once you’ve defined your overall keyword strategy, you must ensure your website conforms and supports those objectives.  Failure to align your site with those objectives can lead to poor rankings and even worse conversions.

When aligning your site with your corporate strategy we look at several areas and ask many questions, such as but not limited to:

  • Do you have any sitemap issues?
  • Does the speed of your site help or hurt you?
  • Site architecture – is it well-formed and have good structure?
  • Is your HTML code compliant and cross-browser compatible?
  • Do your meta title tags and descriptions support your overall strategy?
  • Duplicate content could be pulling your relevancy and authority lower, do you need the canonical tag?
  • Is your site navigation complementary to your site architecture?
  • 301, 302, 404, 500 – they’re more than just area codes and can seriously impact your search engine efforts

Don’t be derailed by a poor internal optimization.  At Convergent7 we will ensure your foundation for organic success matches your objectives and sets you up for success.

Content Marketing

Fuel your brand with content that accelerates traffic, leads, and conversions

There is growing evidence that people prefer to do business with companies that offer rich, online content. 75% of consumers prefer informational articles to ads!

Providing your target audience with helpful, informative and relevant content drives traffic and generates leads; it’s a critical part of your marketing strategy for lead nurturing, SEO and displaying thought leadership in your industry.

You can attract and gain customers with rich content, including blog posts, press releases, newsletters and white papers. Convergent7’s team of accomplished content writers have experience generating all kinds of content and can tailor a content marketing strategy specifically for you.

Local SEO

Increase your website’s visibility and outshine the competition

“How do I show up higher in Google search results?” is a common question we hear almost every day from local business owners.

Over 33% of all searches in 2014 will be local search that includes a specific location, and when you include non-geo-targeted keywords that trigger local results, the number nears 50%.

But showing up on the first page of Google doesn’t just happen. If you have a brick and mortar business that can service local customers or your business has a physical address, you need to be optimizing for local search. There are many steps and factors to consider when optimizing for local SEO.

When It Matters Where You Are

If you are a dentist, lawyer or some other location-based professional or if you have a brick-and-mortar facility, then your search engine optimization efforts will differ from a nationally or globally based operation.

Google and Bing recognize that when you enter “locksmith” or “italian restaurant” you are not looking for results on the other side of the country.  This “localization” is a different algorithm and has different signals than if you entered “dog collars”.  The search engines are constantly monitoring your location when you search and will vary the search engine results pages (SERPs) to help serve you a more relevant link.

Local SEO Results

At Convergent7 we understand the nuisances of local SEO and can help you pass your competitors.  When it comes to local search, if you’re not on page one you have a slim chance at driving in new customers to your business.  We can take your local business and give it the visibility and prominence to bring in new customers.

Some our local SEO services include:

  • Defining a local SEO strategy;
  • Optimizing your website for local search;
  • Creating content to enhance localization awareness by the search engines;
  • Link building to help you jump over your competitors;

Link Building: Putting It All Together

Once you’ve determined your strategy and cleaned up your site with an internal optimization, it’s time to build your online presence with link building.

Link building is the process of developing inbound links that point to your most important and relevant pages. Some of the factors that determine its power are:

  • The site where the link originates from;
  • The anchor text that makes up the link;
  • The number of inbound links;

At Convergent7 our goal is to build your link profile with links that help drive up your overall organic Google and Bing rankings.  Our links are hand built by our team of link associates.  We continually monitor your link profile and analyze the results.  Every week we review your targeted keywords and ask several questions:

  • Is this keyword driving relevant traffic?
  • Is this keyword converting?
  • Is this keyword driving some long tail traffic?
  • Are there better keywords that we should chase?

In the SEO world, nothing is constant.  You MUST continually be open to adjustments and refinements based on analytic data.  You never know when you will stumble upon a keyword niche that can drive up sales, traffic and conversions.  Just because you THINK you know how your customers search for you does not mean they agree with you so you must always be aware of new opportunities.

Ready to rise to the top? Simply contact us and we will begin to make a difference in your rankings.